Treat yourself and those you love to the kinder things in life

Hi, I’m Liberty.

As a busy mum, passionate baker and conscious soul, creating Little Pomme was about helping people show they care by making even the simplest of moments in life feel special.

Whether you’re meeting with a friend, enjoying some alone time or looking for the perfect gift, our store and treats are a kind escape from the hustle and bustle of mass consumerism.

So, welcome! Take a look around and may you find what you’re looking for…

Stanthorpe Little Pomme liberty

Come for food. Stay for kindness. Leave feeling good.

A kindred soul at heart?

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We promise a ‘Desirable to Doorstep’ guarantee, meaning that we make every effort to ensure your product arrives beautifully or else you get your money back.
Between 8am-11am each day, we welcome you to come to our store for a fresh sample of our brownies.

Monday 7:30am - 2.30pm
Tuesday - Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm
(coffee served until 4pm)
Saturday 8:30am - 12:30pm


We’ve mapped out a whimsical way to explore Stanthorpe whether you’re enjoying some alone time or have little ones to entertain.